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Protecting churches from metal theft on roofs

The Benefact Trust (previously AllChurches Trust) has various grants available, including a Roof Protection Scheme.

This scheme provides grants to help churches install roof alarms in response to the issue of metal theft, which continues to be a very challenging issue across the UK.

Grants under Benefact Trust’s Roof Protection Scheme are made direct to individual churches and they can provide grants which can now fund up to 50% of the cost of the alarm, up to a maximum of £2500. Please note that the proposed alarm system must be from a supplier that is approved by the church’s insurer, whoever that may be, and the church must commit to maintaining the alarm for a minimum of five years.

Please note that you can apply for a roof alarm grant even if you have had another grant from Benefact Trust within the last two years (for a different project).

For further information, visit the Benefact Trust website here.

Guidance on metal roof covering

Historic England has updated its online guidance on thefts of roofs and published new technical guidance on terne-coated stainless steel.

When lead or copper roof coverings have been stolen, Historic England understands it may be too risky to replace with the same materials. It has found that the most appropriate and long-lasting alternative is terne-coated stainless steel; although for some buildings zinc, slates or tiles may be options.  A good specification and experienced contractors are key to ensuring the performance of the replacement roof covering. HE has now published technical guidance about using terne-coated stainless steel for church roofs to address commonly raised questions.

Ecclesiastical have put together a checklist to help improve the security of church buildings. You can download it here.

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